ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

Within ISO 27001 Consultancy Services, DMN Information Technologies makes all the enterprise’s information infrastructure suitable to this standard.


What is ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System?

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a model, which tends to ensure the security of information infrastructure that the enterprises pressure more and more everyday with developing technologies.

Thanks to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, enterprises determine their information infrastructure and analyze possible threats to these assets, in case these risks generate; they decide which controls to apply and which not to. ISO 27001 Information Security management System is one of the vital pieces of integrated management systems for organizations that especially try to institutionalize.


The advantages of applying ISO 27001 Information Security Management System;
  • The conveniences that the Ministry of Customs provides within “Authorized Declarant Status”. Click for more info…
  • Realizing information assets: enterprise realizes what assets it has and its value rank.
  • Preserving the assets it has: determines the protection methods with its control units, protects by applying and constantly optimizing.
  • Business continuity: in a disaster scenario, it has the plan and the efficiency for business continuity.
  • To stay in peace with concerned parties: it firstly assures the customers, then the supplier and the workers.
  • Protects the information thanks to a system that does not let any accident happen.
  • If customers evaluate, they do it better than the competitors.
  • Precautions taken against the risks regarding information assets.
  • Adjustment to legal responsibilities becomes simpler and it prevents legal proceedings.
  • Provides high respect.
  • There will be a conscious of information security in the whole firm.
  • Gaps are identified and managed regarding information security.